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September 15, 2013
Dear Honorable Aaron J. Manneh:
I present my compliments, and pray that all is well with you and your wonderful family.
My Honorable senior brother, I have read your piece below, and I notice too much anger in you about three main things:
1.     Jedepo’s departure from a “Jedepo/Sarbo Statutory District” which, according to you, had been passed into law by one of our many war-time transitional governments;
2.     Relocation of the seat of the “Jedepo/Sarbo Statutory District” from your beloved town, Doodwicken;
3.     Your alleged connection to (or support for) the deadly and demonic force ironically named Liberia Peace Council (LPC) during the Liberian civil war.
Big brother, I am wondering if the important issues you raised can be resolved with the level of anger I see from your writing. Whatever your answer may be, here are my two cents on the three issues:
Your alleged LPC connection
The Dugbe River Union was founded long before the war. As you are fully aware, I was its founding Secretary-General while the late Adam Tefleh (then of the Bureau of Immigration & Naturalization) was the organizing Chairman. It was during our Administration and advocacy that the Jedepo/Jlay Statutory District was created.
You and the late Honorable McCully Chenteah Wleh were among the strong pillows upon which DRU rested comfortably. The headquarters of the District were in Doodwicken/Jarboeville. The first Superintendent was J.W. Nyenswah McCully, who is the current Representative of the Jedepo/Jlay Electoral District (Sinoe County Electoral District Number 2).
I was in Monrovia, next door to your house, throughout the war (except for the one that drove Taylor out in 2003 when I was already in America). I am not aware that you were EVER A PART OF ANY WARRING FACTION, be it LPC, AFL, NPFL, INPFL, LOFA DEFENSE FORCE, ULIMO-K, or ULIMO-J. Also, from its founding in 1984 to date, I am not aware of any war activity by the Dugbe River Union, of which you now appear to be the Secretary-General “for life.”
Sarbo/Jedepo Statutory District
I am not aware of the creation of any Statutory District called Jedepo/Sarbo. Be that as it may, I think we should all follow any political road that elevates Jedepo, whether in collaboration with other tribes or on its own. We should care less about a particular location for the capitol city of anything (county or district) of which Jedepo is a part.
District seat
As a life-long democrat, I subscribe to the tendencies of participatory democracy, mainly majority rule, in decision-making. This rule is not new. It is as old as Planet Earth. Jedepo has five solid traditional quarters, and decisions about the area are made collectively, with the majority taking the day.
If majority of the Jedepo people decide to take their capitol into the Atlantic Ocean, I disagree with any fight about that, especially if the fight is based solely on maintaining a previous decision that had identified a particular spot (Saybliah, my lovely town) as the Capitol.
Can we remember that Washington, DC is not the first capitol of America? I am told Philadelphia was. Today, it has moved to DC. How many blows have Pennsylvania thrown at anyone for moving the seat?
What Jedepo needs
Jedepo needs a road, Jedepo deserves a road. Jedepo needs modern schools, and Jedepo deserves modern schools. Jedepo needs modern health care facilities, and Jedepo deserves modern health care facilities. Jedepo needs safe drinking water facilities, and Jedepo needs safe drinking water facilities. Jedepo needs electricity, and Jedepo deserves electricity in these modern days.
Jedepo needs many more facilities that put us on par with our fellow human beings in these civilized days. For me, these things are much more important than whether my town becomes the capitol city or the tail city of Jedepo. These are the things I had in my when I took the leadership of JETCO/USA to see my friend, President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf, in New York in 2010. These are still the same things for which I am taking the Vice President (first) and the President of Liberia (second) to Jedepo later this year.
This capitol city business is too petty, and I expect NO serious Jedepo citizen from any Jedepo town to waste my/his/her time on it.
I will waste no precious time on frivolous discussion about district seat. If Jedepo can get a district status in its own name, why should it be compulsory for Jedepo to be tied to Sarbo or Bosar or Jlay or Layjlay?
Just my two cents, Sir. By the way, please hurry up and return home. The soup for all this dumboy is in Jedepo, NOT in the USA and NOT in Monrovia. I spent my last Christmas and New Year in Doodwicken, my adopted home town, and Saybliah, the home town of my birth.

God bless…!!!!

Jay Nagbe Sloh

Jay Nagbe Sloh
Paynesville, Liberia
(231) 886 315 022 / 777 679 900
I pray for eyes that see the best in others, a heart that forgives the worst in others, a mind that allows me to forget the bad things in my life, and a soul that keeps up my faith.
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Ladies and gentlemen:

I am doing a favor for those of us who cannot open this document for any reason(s). I have no hand in it. Please read it and note that I do not have any comment because I am a little "BOY" who wants to live and see my great-grand-children tomorrow.

The Jeadepo National Conference
In the United States of America
Ladies and Gentlemen:
When I appeared before this body as your Keynote Speaker for just a year ago and spoke and highlighted series as contributing factors which undermined the peace and unity of the people of Jeadepo for decades and continues to keep us backward in term of development and progress. As an eminent citizen, I came here with open mind and not to pretend that all is well when indeed that is not the case. We should not lose sight of the divisive tendencies that have been displayed among the people of Jeadepo. If not checked, this would continue to undermine the peace, unity, and development aspirations of the people of Jeadpo. That said I pinpointed to number of issues; if not addressed it could hamper the peace, human understanding and the development of the tribe of Jeadpo.
The people of Jeadepo in collaboration with our sister tribes jointly petitioned the Liberian Government for a Statutory District to be styled and named “Jeadpo –Sorbo Statutory District,” maintaining its seat in Doodwicken City being the original Headquarters of Kpanyan Statutory. The Jeadepo-Sorbo petition received the collective blessings and endorsement of the tribal authorities of Jeadpo, including then the Superintendents of Kpayan District, Superintendent of Sinoe County on one hand; and Central Administration of the Internal Affairs Ministry on other. The petition was then forwarded to the then Interim Legislative Assembly where it was deliberated and passed into law, creating the Act what is now as known as the Jeadepo /Sorbo Statutory District. While the Jeadepo/Sorbo Statutory Act had been printed into a handbill at the Ministry of Foreign, there came another dubious and divisive act styled as Jeadpo Statutory District to the utmost surprise of the petitioners of the Jeadepo-Sorbo Statutory District.
The improper detachment of Jeadpo from original petition without the input and knowledge of the entire citizens of Jeadepo and Sorbo had been viewed as a legislative scandal that required inquiry; creating a parallel act to be styled as Jeadepo Statutory District, contravening the collective agreement our people reached among themselves.   Something that we need to be pursues to avoid it happening from among us in the future.     Some elements within this council have engaged in acts which have the tendencies of dividing the people of Jeadepo instead of uniting them. This is causing confusion, and taking us backward of the hard earned agreement our people reached among themselves for the sole purpose of sustaining peace, unity, development and progress, including our neighboring sister tribes. Let it be known that any development whether it is a political autonomy must be built on diversity and required the collective consensus of the entire citizenry of that region. No one section should be marginalized because of their minority status. As a former staffer at the Senate Wing at the Capitol from 1986 to 1987 I do have a working knowledge and experience as to how petitions or counter petitions are fashioned on the legislative floor into a bill. There is a legislative procedure that is required, if there was any problem found with a given petition and a need for adjustment or amendment needed to be made that particular lawmaker who is sponsoring that petition must refer or consult with petitioners to that given petition before a change or correction is to be made on said petition. There shall be no unilateral change to a said petition without the input and knowledge of the entire petitioners as it was done in this instant case. This particular case under discussion had fallen short of this procedural question and later considered as illegal and be treated as null and void. I therefore urge each citizen of Jeadpo to get involved on issue that will unite our people rather than get involved on issue that will divide them. The collective decision reached by council of chiefs and elders of Jeadpo signed in black and white should not be altered by any means.   As we continue to take counsel from outside influences whose aims and purposes to get us (Jeadpo people) divided as years old tactics which deprived Jeadpo of many meaningful developments over the years. Let me restate that, whatever was given to one section of Jeadpo for over 22 years, to be specific given to Doodwicken and again reconfirmed in the Jeadpo Sorbor Statutory District petition and printed handbill must not have be altered. Those who made the change for the purpose of removing what was given to Doodwicken are held accountable of the division and disunity within the council at this time and at the home front.  
I seize this occasion once more as I did during my first visit in the United States in 1998 when my attention was invited by this council if I had any role with the LPC during the civil war.  I repeatedly told this council that I had no relationship or role with any armed factions in the Liberian civil conflict. My constant condemnations as my personal opinions and that of my advocacy group (Dougbe River Union). It was Hon. Kleyon Chea that told me of some group of Sinoe citizens were meeting in Postal Affairs Ministry and making plans to rescue Oscar Quiah from Sinoe. I intend to use the occasion to dismiss such notions once more been held in some quarters: Aaron Manneh never ever lent any support to any armed factions. As Secretary General of the Dougbe River Union, as Chief spokesperson for that Advocacy Group remained opposed and continues to oppose to any violent means as ultimate end to settle our political differences in Liberia. Dougbe River Union remains opposed to human rights abuses by all factions in the Liberia civil war. I am not surprised of this negative stereotyping name with the aim to paint my good name and all my good services rendered and continue to render the people of Jeadepo over the years. Even if meant flying a grieved or lost Jeadpo citizen back home from Greenville to Jeadpo Jarpuken.  
 . When I briefed Amanda Potepa Administration, Hon. Kleyon Chea was in attendance. Reemphasizing that it was Chea who drawn my attention that a group of Sarpo citizens were making plans to go Sinoe County to rescue Oscar Quiah. It was Hon. Kleyon Cheah who told me when he paid me a visit at the Ministry of Internal affairs.  Kleyon Cheah asked if City Mayor Amos Tarpeh told me anything.  I told him no. Then Cheah briefed me of what Sarpo people were making plans to go on a rescue mission for Oscar Quiah their tribal member. And these meetings were held at the Ministry of Post and Telecommunications. According to Mr. Chea who attended some of those meetings advanced my name but my name was rejected on grounds that if Aaron Manneh was in the know he would expose our plan to President Dr. Amos Sawyer and President would let ECOMOG know.  Thank you.